Even though the digital trend of a B2B portal is not new, the evolution of technology has indeed changed the way most of them function. Today, digital trading features and unique branding technique has taken the place of traditional outreach methods used to connect with different buyers and resellers. Let’s look at a few of the best and fastest growing B2B platforms which are helping hundreds of businesses around the world develop and easily connect with different consumers around the world.


Alibaba Group is a Chinese private company based in Hangzhou dedicated to e-commerce on the internet including retail, business to business and consumer sales portal. The company also offers online payment services, cloud data storage services and a unique price comparison search engine. In 2012, two Alibaba portals together handled $170,000 million (1.1 trillion yuan) sales, which was more than its competitors, both Amazon.com and eBay combined.

Alibaba operates mainly in China and in March 2013, the Economist magazine estimated that it could be valued at between $55 billion and $120 billion. During the same year, the company achieved revenues worth $ 7.5 billion. Currently, the company is listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is considered as the oldest and biggest online B2B platform in the world.


DHgate is a simple B2B platform that allows importers around the world to buy small volumes of Chinese goods at a wholesale price. At DHgate, you can find clothing, electronic gadgets, decorative items, sports accessories and many more items. The company markets more than 30 million products in around 230 countries worldwide. It has more than 6 million customers worldwide and is currently listed as one of the most visited sites on the internet.

Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the B2B pioneers. It was listed in NASDAQ under the name GSOL in the year 2000. The B2B platform is well known for its quality suppliers from different industries. Needless to say, because of its good reputation, the company has attracted lots of manufacturers, most of them from China, who pay a significant amount of money to get listed as genuine suppliers.


eWorldTrade is a new online B2B site that has registered a tremendous growth record over the past few years. The company is a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC from the United States which is itself a professional digital media agency and technological service provider.

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