Conducting business isn’t a piece of cake, regardless of how you do it. Just because you invest in a B2B Ecommerce solution doesn’t mean it will be a smooth ride. Instead, there are various challenges you will have to face along the way.

What is b2b platform and why you should care?

A b2b platform allows business to business companies to operate online. Just like B2C companies have E-commerce solutions, a b2b wholesale platform provides an online forum for transactions to occur. Some of the top b2b platforms deliver more than this. They allow you to provide your customers with information about your product without requiring the need for a sales team. There are quite a few b2b platform examples in the market. Some of the best options include Shopify B2B, OpenCart, and Magneto.

As the world is moving towards a digital solution, b2b businesses need to do so too to ensure that they don’t get left behind. Conduct a b2b Ecommerce platform comparison to find out which platform is the best for you.

The Problems

The E-commerce journey of your b2b business will not be smooth. Here are some of the biggest challenges you will face.

The need for customization

Remember that B2B customers are always pressed on time. There is a high demand for self-service whereby the customers do everything by themselves. However, at the same time, they crave customization that makes their job easy for them. Not every e-commerce solution provides this. If you want to avoid this challenge, you must invest carefully. Only pick solutions that offer detailed customization options. This includes advanced searches, purchase history and dynamic pricing.

Shipping problems

What good is an E-commerce solution if at the end of the day your customers don’t receive their goods on time? Integrating shipping with E-commerce platforms is always a challenge. You must ensure that the order management software you adopt is up to par. Integrate all the software and solution with one another to streamline the process.

Discouraged Sales Team

Many sales professionals think that E-commerce solutions are a competition for them rather than their facilitator. They might feel discouraged to give their 100 percent to their job. There is an inherent need to get them on board and highlight their importance in your company.


While there are challenges, you can overcome each of them. All you need is a problem-solving attitude.