B2B website owners know that they require a B2B ecommerce solution. At global scale, B2B ecommerce marketplace has outperformed b2c in sales. Even though, many companies are aware that they need more online selling capacity. On the other hand, many B2B companies also make some common flaws that end up costing them a lot. Fact is, being a B2B business owner, you can’t afford wasting your time, energy and effort by making the wrong decision and then realizing it too late that the option you’ve chosen doesn’t meet your needs.

With so many top B2B platforms out there, unhappily, it is not easy to choose the right B2B ecommerce solution.  Although, when you search for it, make sure you avoid these pitfalls.

Choosing an Open Source Based B2B Platform

There are many B2B ecommerce solutions that are open source. This means you can benefit from their services without paying monthly fees. It seems like a key feature; however there are some additional costs you may not know now. In future, you will realize that you’re actually on your own – investing on hosting, hiring developers plus when every time the platform gets updated, you need to make changes.

Adapting Your Practices to Suit the Platform

If B2B ecommerce solution requires you to modify your business practices in order to suit limitations of platform, then it’s of no use. Never adapt to whatever platform is available to you. Make sure the platform’s setup offers benefit to company and serve customers in better way than past. If you’re looking to delve into any available option just to make B2B ecommerce work, ultimately you will end up abandoning that option later. Also, they will not do much to serve your specific needs.

Not using Integrated Platforms

It’s easy to categorize things as they do work differently. But, workflow of business gets affected by this. When different departments don’t connect with each other, it results in more manual input with less automation. Not to forget it comes with some extra costs needed to maintain all essentials and effort to connect with other operations.

How to avoid them?

Today, enterprises need a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates with all marketplaces. Find a B2B wholesale platform that do all heavy lifting for your B2B ecommerce business and give the most effective up-to-date automated tools. Conduct B2B ecommerce platform comparison and pick the one that suits your work flow and keep everything organized.